Training and knowledge

Training and knowledge


Training is available at the RSPCA ACT shelter for all dog owners not only in the ACT, but across our region. Dog owners can learn about how to train their dog and attend to their dog's behavioural needs through the Life Skills Pet Dog Training program. Training is conducted by friendly, dedicated and qualified instructors who can assist in all aspects of dog training and management.

We are equipped with a safe, disinfected training yard for young puppies that have not yet finished their full course of vaccination.

To learn more about our dog training programs, please see Dog and Puppy Training Should you wish to book into classes or need further information regarding our Dog and puppy training programs please contact us


For more information on youth education programs available at RSPCA ACT please click here.


Greenhounds is the program in NSW to facilitate the muzzling exemptions for retired racing and pet greyhounds. Greenhounds is the sole NSW body authorised to manage and issue green collars under the Companion Animal Regulations.

RSPCA ACT is an approved assessor for Greenhounds. Please note that we only offer this service to residents of NSW.

For more information please contact our Behavioural Training team.