Visit Adopt a Pet to see the animals available for adoption at RSPCA shelters across Australia.


For most animals that find their way to an RSPCA shelter, it is the beginning of a new life. It's where we rescue, rehabilitate and rehome.

RSPCA shelters are one of the most visible parts of the Society's operations. The shelters act as rehabilitation and adoption centres for unwanted, stray and injured animals, and as holding facilities for animals that are the subject of pending legal action by RSPCA Inspectors. 

Across Australia, RSPCA shelters receive more than 130,000 animals every year. While a large proportion of these animals are cats and dogs, RSPCA shelters also offer sanctuary to horses, livestock and a wide range of wild and native animals. View the RSPCA's Annual National Statistics.

There are many beautiful animals available for adoption at RSPCA shelters. All have undergone rigorous health and temperament checks to ensure their suitability as pets. These animals deserve a second chance, so if you are considering purchasing a pet, please visit your local RSPCA shelter first.

To contact your local state or territory RSPCA about adoption fees and shelter opening hours, please visit our contact page.

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