RSPCA ACT Inspectors Plea for Information on Severely Injured Kitten


RSPCA ACT Inspectors are asking the public for help on another brutal case this morning at RSPCA ACT.

A 10-week old kitten was left in the drop off area at the Weston Shelter after it was found near a drain near Bunny Road, Weston with a severely infected leg that was in need of urgent medical attention. 

RSPCA ACT veterinarians have performed an emergency amputation of the injured leg and are currently running additional checks on the kitten.

RSPCA ACT Senior Inspector Catherine Croatto is asking the public to help provide information on this confronting case.

“We were quite shocked at the physical condition of this poor kitten when it arrived.  We would like to thank the member of the public for bringing it into our shelter.  We are now asking the public to please call us if they have any information regarding what might have caused these injuries. 
All information is treated in a confidential manner,” stated Inspector Croatto.

RSPCA ACT encourages members of the public to come forward with any information relating to this incident. Please call RSPCA ACT Senior Inspector Catherine Croatto on 0408 421 255.

You can view an image of the kitten here: (please be aware the image is VERY graphic and may disturb some poeple, if you are sensitive please DO NOT VIEW) Image