RSPCA ACT Inspectors Plea for Information on Severely Burned Kitten


RSPCA ACT Inspectors are asking the public for help on another horrific case involving a severely burned kitten.

At approximately 6:04pm on Thursday night someone left a severely burned kitten outside a door at the RSPCA ACT shelter.  The kitten was left in a red milk crate which had a pillow in it. A towel was on the top of the crate.  CCTV footage show a female and male carrying the crate and driving away in a sedan, possibly white.  (Pictures available)

The kitten is approximately 6-9 months old, and is not desexed.  She is a white Domestic short hair feline and was wearing a blue flea collar.

RSPCA ACT Senior Inspector Catherine Croatto is asking the public to help provide information on this horrible case:  “The kitten has burns covering 20-30% of its body.  We hope that someone from the public will be able and willing to provide us with information that will lead us to the owner.   All information will be treated in a confidential manner.”

Chief Executive Tammy Ven Dange echoed this plea, “Unfortunately, we couldn’t bring this story to the public any faster as the kitten escaped the milk crate when she first arrived.  Fortunately we were able to eventually catch her, and she is currently in stable condition under the care of our vet staff.” 

RSPCA ACT encourages members of the public to come forward with any information relating to this incident. Please call RSPCA ACT Inspectors on 0407 078 221.

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