RSPCA ACT Honours the Memory of Former Employee Marianne Cooper

RSPCA ACT will be closed from 12pm to 1pm on Friday, 29 May to hold a Memorial Service for former employee, Marianne Cooper who passed away on 14 May.  Marianne was a much loved volunteer and staff member who held many roles over the last ten years at the Weston Shelter including working in the kennels, the cattery and most recently in our Cat Boarding facility, “Tangos.”

CEO Tammy Ven Dange shared, “Marianne had an amazing heart for animals, especially cats.  It was obvious that these animals brought as much joy to her life as she brought to them.  We have already been overwhelmed by such a strong and kind sentiment from our customers and volunteers that we thought it would only be appropriate to close the shelter for an hour to allow everyone to participate in a proper memorial service for her.”

Marianne’s close friends have asked that instead of flowers that donations are made towards a new industrial clothes dryer in the RSPCA ACT cattery.  As one friend said, “Marianne always thought the cattery needed a proper dryer, and she would think it was funny that her memorial plaque was on something ‘practical and badly needed.’

Anyone interested in attending the Memorial Service may do so without reservations.

Memorial Details:

  • Location – RSPCA ACT at 12 Kirkpatrick St in Weston (off Cotter Road)
  • Time & Date – Friday, 29 May from 12pm to 1pm (please note that this service will be held outdoors)

Donations can be given on the day of the event or through: