RSPCA ACT Breaks its Animal Welfare Records Again in 2014/15

RSPCA ACT has had another fantastic year for animal welfare, breaking multiple records across the board. 

For the second year in a row, RSPCA ACT had the highest number of kitten adoptions ever recorded beating last year’s record by 76 kittens or 9%. RSPCA ACT also had the lowest number of adult cats and dogs euthanased ever recorded.

Director of Animal Welfare, Jane Gregor stated, “While RSPCA ACT never euthanases an animal for space, it is sometimes difficult to keep them healthy in an environment where so many animals enter our shelter without knowing their full medical and behavioural history. The fact that we had broken the record for kitten adoptions and the lowest euthanasia record for adult cats and dogs in the same year is really a testament to the hard work of the entire team keeping them healthy and rehoming them as quickly as possible.”

While achieving these incredible results, some might say that 2014/15 was actually the year of the inspectorate with nine successful prosecutions, 22 matters awaiting court decisions and 981 animals either seized or surrendered to our inspectors this year. This is up from 0 prosecutions, 3 matters awaiting court decisions and 34 animals seized or surrendered via the inspectors the previous year.

CEO Tammy Ven Dange summarised by saying, “With almost 1000 animals coming in through our inspectors last year, I don’t think the team could have worked any harder to help abandoned, neglected and abused animals. We really hope that incoming numbers will go down in 2015/16. With the support of the greater Canberra community, we have plans to put more proactive measures in place to help us with this, but we are ready to respond to the same number of animal cruelty matters if we have to do so again.”