Public Support for RSPCA ACT Petition

RSPCA ACT has been overwhelmed with the support from the local community after it published a petition calling for harsher sentencing for those convicted of animal cruelty.

The petition was published on Wednesday and within 48 hours has over 3,500 signatures.

RSPCA ACT Senior Inspector Catherine Croatto was pleased with the community’s response so far, “The fact that over 3,500 individuals have signed the petition thus far provides so much encouragement to the staff at RSPCA who are committed to reducing the amount of animal cruelty that occurs. Thank you for your support and please continue to encourage others to sign the petition and write to their local member.”

RSPCA ACT published the petition as a response after a number of court cases sentenced in the ACT Magistrates Court resulted in minimal penalties for those convicted of animal cruelty. One case in particular provided a lenient sentence for a shocking case of animal cruelty. The case involved a woman who neglected two dogs, with one of them having to be put down for humane reasons as it was extremely skinny and living with open wounds infested with maggots. The woman received a $483 fine and no animal ownership ban.

RSPCA ACT believes that with public support the ACT Magistrates Court will be encouraged to take a tougher stance on those individuals convicted of animal cruelty.

Catherine Croatto echoed this position, “I know that together we can be a voice for innocent animals and demand that changes be made to penalties that currently do little to deter those that neglect their animals and commit acts of cruelty.”

The Canberra community can get involved and support the petition by heading to: