Pet Legacies

Pet Legacies

Pet Legacy Program

Have you considered who will care for your beloved pets after you are gone? Don't let your pet be left alone and unwanted. Don't risk your pet being cared for in circumstances which you do not want. To put your mind at ease, the RSPCA has established its Pet Legacy Program.

Through our Pet Legacy Program, your pets can be cared for following your passing. Our dedicated staff and volunteers will supervise their care and placement into a loving home with a background similar to the one that they have known. Is your cat an indoor cat with special dietary needs? Does your dog need a home away from other dogs? Don't risk putting your animal in a situation which will add to the distress they will feel upon your death.

The RSPCA will take care of your pets and ensure they are treated just as you would treat them with all the love, comfort and attention that you would wish for. All new homes and foster parents are carefully selected to ensure that your pets will continue to enjoy good quality care.

Access to discounted veterinary services is provided and regular contact is maintained with their new home. 

To discuss your options please email (Legacy enquiry) us or call 02 6287 8100.