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The issue

The NSW Parliament has launched an inquiry into the use of exotic animals in circuses, and the keeping of dolphins (cetaceans) in captivity.

This is your chance to speak up for the welfare of these captive wild animals who are made to perform purely for our entertainment.

While domesticated animals (such as cattle, sheep, pigs and poultry) have been purpose-bred and reared for many centuries, exotic wild animals (such as lions, tigers, monkeys and dolphins) have, by definition, not been domesticated and are compelled to cope with a captive environment.

Exotic animals are denied basic needs when forced to live in artificial environments and to perform unnatural behaviours.

In addition to the inadequate space provided by transport containers and constant travel, exotic circus animals are unable to withdraw from frequent human handling and exposure to the crowds and noise of the circus environment.

Similarly, marine parks cannot provide the enrichment, space and complex social environment that are crucial to the welfare of dolphins.

Wild animals don’t belong in circuses or marine parks to perform – take action today and make your voice heard for animals!

RSPCA Australia’s response

The RSPCA has long voiced our opposition to the continued breeding and keeping of dolphins and whales in captivity, and the use of exotic animals in circuses and other performing shows.

The current scientific evidence demonstrates significant risks to the overall wellbeing of these intelligent and complex creatures when confined and used for entertainment. They are denied choice to meet their physical, psychological and behavioral needs, when they are forced to endure a repeated cycle of transport, confinement and performance in unnatural environments.

You can support the RSPCA’s call for the NSW Parliament to heed the evidence, and stop the continued use of exotic animals in circuses and the keeping of cetaceans in captivity, by taking action today!

Take Action

Submissions for the NSW Parliamentary inquiry have now closed, however please subscribe to our eNews for updates on this issue.